You plan to move to the Philippines? Wollen Sie auf den Philippinen leben?

There are REALLY TONS of websites telling us how, why, maybe why not and when you'll be able to move to the Philippines. I only love to tell and explain some things "between the lines". Enjoy reading, be informed, have fun and be entertained too!

Ja, es gibt tonnenweise Webseiten, die Ihnen sagen wie, warum, vielleicht warum nicht und wann Sie am besten auf die Philippinen auswandern koennten. Ich moechte Ihnen in Zukunft "zwischen den Zeilen" einige zusaetzlichen Dinge berichten und erzaehlen. Viel Spass beim Lesen und Gute Unterhaltung!

Learn German Language in Davao City!Deutsch lernen in Davao City!

Sie muessen auf den Philippinen DEUTSCH lernen? You have to learn the German language in the Philippines? Sie wohnen in Davao oder irgendwo in Mindanao oder sonst wo auf den Philippinen? Do you reside in Davao City or somewhere else in Mindanao or the Philippines?

Hier koennen Sie sehr gut Deutsch lernen. Mein Deutschkurs als Professor am Institute of Languages (Fremdspracheninstitut) an der University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao besteht bereits nunmehr seit fast neun
Jahren und bietet die fundierte Ausbildung, die benoetigt wird, um das A1/A2 - aber auch die B1 und B2- Examen beim Goethe Institut in Manila bestehen zu koennen. Das Goethe Institut Manila und USEP haben bereits vor 9 Jahren ein Memorandum of Understanding zur Foerderung der deutschen Sprache und Kultur unterzeichnet. Es unterrichten nur Sprachprofessoren, deren Qualifikation nachgewiesen werden konnten. CHED - Commission on Higher Education befindet sich in unmittelbarer Naehe auf dem USEP-Campus. Alle Kurs-Teilnehmer erhalten ein Universitaets-Zertifikat mit Abschlussnote. Dies ist wichtig fuer eine Visaerteilung!
- My German Language Course at the University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao City (International Institute of Languages) as Professor (almost
nine years now!) provides you with the requested education. You will be able to pass the A1/A2-exam (or even the B1/B2 exam at the Goethe Institute in Manila). Nine years ago, the Goethe Institute and USEP signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding German language and culture support. Only qualified professors are being able to teach different languages in USEP. CHED - Commission on Higher Education is located at the USEP campus. Language Course Students will be receiving an university certificate with average grade at the end of the course. This certification is important for a visa application!
Rufen Sie JETZT an: DAVAO 082 - 227 1761. Please call DAVAO 082 - 227 1761. ODER/OR 0915 - 2199002.

GERMAN LANGUAGE COURSES A1 and A2: 120 hours with the following schedule: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 11. New course will be starting March 15, 2017. Right now, new students are still enrolling and joining us.

Deutsche Sprache-Kurse A1 und A2: 120 Stunden - Unterrichtsstunden: montags, dienstags und mittwochs und donnerstags von 9 bis 11 Uhr. Begrenztes Platzangebot: nur 15 Teilnehmer! EINSCHREIBUNGEN sind wieder moeglich, da neue Studentinnen und Studenten JETZT Deutsch lernen moechten,. Der neue Kurs startet am 15. Maerz 2017.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A vote for Europe...

A vote for Europe…

…  a vote against extremists! Yes, European leaders breathe easier now!
With his first-place finish in the Netherlands’ elections, Mark Rutte has effectively halted the right-wing populist Geert Wilders. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is among the European leaders welcoming the result. Merkel, at this very moment (on Friday, March 17) meeting U.S. President Donald Trump, says Dutch election result sends pro-Europe signal.
Both the vote count tallies and the reactions poured in during the early hours of last Thursday morning as politicians and individuals across Europe and the world took in the results of Wednesday’s parliamentary election in the Netherlands. In what many considered to be a bellwether election for the European Union, the center-right Rutte clearly defeated Wilders in what many saw as a symbolic victory against European populism.
With 54 percent of the vote counted, the projected results indicated Rutte scored a commanding victory, earning 33 out of the Dutch parliament’s 150 seats.
Many European leaders offered congratulatory messages to the acting Dutch prime minister, who will now stay on in office for a third term. But just as many chose to highlight Wilders’ defeat, framing his party’s second place finish with 20 seats – far below the 30-odd seats he had been predicted to win – as a resounding success for the unity and democratic values of a European Union battered by populism from both within and outside the bloc.
The response from Berlin came quickly. German Chancellor Angela Merkel phoned Rutte to offer her congratulations as well as her readiness to work with him and his new government, which he will now have to form with parliamentary alliances.
Of course, Merkel faces her own electoral test in September this year when Germans will cast their votes for the national parliament. The head of government from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) will seek to remain in office, though her primary rival and current coalition partner’s candidate Martin Schulz has been polling neck and neck with her. Schulz, a member of the Social Democratic Party, took to Twitter to celebrate Wilder’s defeat. “I am relieved,” the former EU parliamentarian wrote. “But we must continue to fight for an open and free Europe!”
For many the right-wing nightmare is everywhere. Also Germany hosts its own populist party, the Alternative for Germany (AfD), whose success has been fed by the arrival of over a million refugees and migrants to Europe since 2015 and fears of terrorism linked to Islam. However, the party has been struggling in recent polls due to internal divisions. And then: France is up next for  national elections. Outgoing French President Francois Hollande welcomed Rutte’s victory as a triumph against extremism.
France is indeed the next country in Europe to confront its own right-wing populist movement in spring presidential elections. Polls currently show the National Front’s Marine Le Pen winning the first-round of voting in April but falling short in the May run-off. However, a seemingly never-ending scandal that has engulfed conservative candidate Francois Fillon and a newly launched probe into travels undertaken by the political youngster Emmanuel Macron means the election’s course remains wide open.
“A vote for Europe, a vote against extremists,” strong words of EU Commission President Jean-Claude Junker….
The Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni similarly framed Wilders defeat as a win for pro-EU forces, writing on Twitter “No Nexit. The anti-EU right has lost the elections in the Netherlands.”
Perhaps the most straight-forward and succinct Tweet came from Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. In response to Rutte’s victory and Wilders’ defeat, the leader of the Scottish National party simply tweeted “Good.”

Friday, March 17, 2017

EU and ASEAN - a restart?

EU and ASEAN – a restart?

These are really good news: the European Union and ASEAN are ready to restart free trade talks!
The EU and the 10-member bloc of Southeast Asian states are to put a trade pact back on the agenda after a 7-year hiatus. Currently only Singapore and Vietnam have free trade deals with Europe.
Trade ministers of the two regional blocs said in a joint statement on Friday  they had asked officials to develop a framework for a future free trade agreement (FTA). EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said talks would restart, but there was no so far no targeted time-frame. In my opinion: no problem, most important is, ready to restart trade talks. Or as Mrs. Malmstrom voices out in Manila:
“We believe it is important to connect two growing markets and to take away as many obstacles to trade. Having a region-to-region agreement between the EU and ASEAN is a long-term goal we’ve been discussing for many years. We are now taking steps towards this.”
I also agree with Philippine Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez saying talks would resume in an attempt to counter uncertainties arising from “growing protectionist and inward-looking policy stances” that often blame trade for the loss of jobs because of automation and industrialization.
His comments were aimed at US President Donald Trump, who has vowed to impose tariffs on imports and bring back American jobs lost to other countries. Trump has also withdrawn the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) with several Asia Pacific rim countries, which included the ASEAN bloc.
The original negotiations between the EU and ASEAN began in 2007 but were suspended two years later due to the difficulties of agreeing a common set of standards among the 10 Southeast Asian countries, which include Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and the Philippines.
Of course, human rights still an issue! A requirement by Brussels to consider human rights in its trade policies may also have been an issue. The EU has FTA’s with Vietnam and Singapore and is still negotiating agreements with the other larger countries in the region.
The ASEAN area is the world’s seventh largest market, and has a combined 622 million people and economy of 2.45 trillion euros ($2.6 trillion) and is driven largely by consumption, exports and manufacturing, with Europe a key importer of goods.
EU and ASEAN being ready to restart free trade talks? A big step towards better trade relations!
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Device found attached to ATM:

 ... Aliens tagged in skimming

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A photo of foreign-looking man believed to be responsible for skimming operation victimizing several depositors of the Land Bank of the Philippines is posted at the bank’s ATM booth. Paul Jun E. Rosaroso
CEBU, Philippines - An official from the Land Bank of the Philippines yesterday revealed that an unusual device had been found attached to the bank’s automated teller machine in Barangay Banilad, Mandaue City that could have captured clients’ personal data and compromised the integrity of their accounts.
A syndicate operated by foreigners is now at the center of police investigation after surveillance cameras in the  the branch captured two suspicious foreign nationals seemingly installing something on the machine in the wee hours of the night.
The device was discovered on February 27 when bank workers inspected the branch’s ATM.
“They discovered that there was really an insertion. Duha ka insertion: sa card reader and the other one is a PIN (personal identification number) pad with a camera. May camera siya (ang ATM), pero it’s so sophisticated, di siya (insertion) madali’g ka-detect,” Manny Jose Mari Infante, LDP first vice president for Eastern and Central Visayas, told reporters yesterday.
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Following the discovery, Infante said the bank immediately blocked all registered accounts under the branch as a matter of security measure.
ATM cardholders were also advised to report and file a complaint with their main office.
Freeman ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch:
“Gi-block namo. That’s why daghan ang nag-approach sa amoa karon nga mga branches to ensure that their balances are okay. Kung wala, okay lang, we will lift the blocking but kung naa, they would immediately file (a complaint),” Infante said.
As of yesterday, Infante could not yet provide the number of accounts affected, saying the count is still ongoing. He said, though, that they have notified depositors whose contact details were available.
He also assured that clients whose accounts have been deducted without their knowledge will get refund after an anti-fraud committee in their main office in Manila has thoroughly evaluated their individual cases.
One way to avoid getting victimized by ATM skimming, he added, is to regularly change PIN.
Yesterday, a crowd of government workers that consisted of policemen, firemen, military personnel and teachers went to file their complaints at the bank’s branch on Osmeña Boulevard in Cebu City.
They were among those who received a notification that their accounts have been temporary blocked for protection. Some of them also reported unauthorized withdrawals.
Infante pointed out that not all LBP ATM cardholders have been blocked, just those accounts in Banilad.
But other accounts may have also been blocked if cardholders have used them to transact with the branch’s ATM.
Such was the case of Cebu City Investigation, Detection and Management Branch chief Ryan Devaras, who told The FREEMAN that he lost P30,000 from his account after making a transaction in Banilad.
Devares, however, said he already had the incident reported.

Suspects foreigners?

Initial investigation showed that the modus could have been the brainchild of a syndicate of foreign nationals.
“We’re trying to collate and review our footages… I believe foreigners. I believe this is a syndicate,” said Infante, adding that the suspects were seen boarding a car and operating during dawn.
To alert the public, photos of two foreign suspects screen-captured from the CCTV footages have been posted at Land Bank’s ATM sites.
For his part, Police Regional Office-7 Director Noli Taliño vowed to conduct a deeper probe, especially since some of the victims were from the police ranks.
“We will coordinate with the bank officials kasi very technical kasi iyong problema nitong scheming device. All we can do is to check ang mga CCTVs nila. Iyong mga dating suspects siguro kung may mga record tayo ay i-check natin yun and we will continue conducting follow-up dito sa ating mga suspects,” he said.
Cebu City Police Office director Joel Doria said at least five police personnel reported falling victims to the scheme but the information will still be verified to ensure that it was not a plain case of transaction error.

Osmeña’s comment

At the Cebu City Hall, Mayor Tomas Osmeña is not entertaining yet the idea of shifting to manual payroll distribution but he did not mince his words when asked for his comment on the alleged ATM skimming cases.
“I’m very worried about that. You know, the banking industry has a responsibility. Right now, I see across the board that they are not upholding the responsibility to the people. They just want the money,” he told reporters yesterday.
Osmeña, who also reported losing P90,000 to unauthorized withdrawals in December last year, called on banks to immediately devise a way so that people’s wages will not be held.
“How many people can afford to hold their salary? Never mind Tommy Osmeña, I’m okay but ang uban? Ang ordinaryo nga tawo? Naa sila’y obligasyo nkadaadlaw. Kinahanglan sila mopalit og bugas unya nawala ilahang kwarta. Unsa ang atoang remedyo niana?” he said.
Acknowledging that he is not an expert on the matter, the mayor said he is open to suggestions on how the city could possibly help.
“I’m very open if there’s anything I can help. I’m not an expert on ATM system but send a message, we will listen to everything naman,” he said.
Osmeña said he is not amenable to manual payroll distribution because it is laborious and entails more manpower. 
— with Odessa O. Leyson (FREEMAN)

Friday, March 10, 2017

Monkayo's Pride is Garbo Comvalenyo 2017

by Fe F Maestre

Compostela Valley Province--- This year’s Garbo Comvalenyo proves to be another hit “as it progresses to another new interactive format to intensify the suspense and drama.”  Adding to the suspense, the most anticipated event in the week-long 10thBulawan festival and 19th Founding Anniversary of Compostela Valley also has its new twists that are also introduced in the selection of the final round.

"Producing a world-class show like Garbo Comvalenyo is a privilege to be immersed in the most challenging situations. It requires a lot of patience, dedication and passion for us to be able to 'deliver' the ambitious output," said Tourism Officer Christine Dompor who spearheads the event.   She is joined by the power team, Artistic Director Dennis Bautista, soundman Ryan Rellon, Pureplay band, and the soundsystem provider Techno Core.

Monkayo’s pride, Jlou Claide S. Florentino, is this year’s Garbo Comvalenyo Season 8 besting all other hopeful singers on the night of March 7.  He brings home P30,000 cash prize, a plaque and a CVSP Scholarship.

The 21-year old Florentino gets the judges’ nod as he proves his vocal power and strength of a singing superstar as he belts out all the challenge rounds with gusto. He also won the Best in Jukebox Music, one of the challenge rounds, featuring the favorite OPMs with the likes of Imelda Papin, Rico Puno, Eva Eugenio, among others, and automatically won the corporate award as Beautederm Ambassador.  

Danica Ella L. Hipos of Compostela came in next winning P25,000 cash prize while 2nd runner-up is Romeo M. Loquinte Jr. of Mawab  with  P20,000. Each also receives a plaque and entitles them of CVSP Scholarship.

"From the five contestants who made it to the final round, it is only Jlou who offered diversity in terms of song choice while others are so focused to belt out some high notes. We heard that a lot in the preliminaries. Jlou tackled the song with ease and soothing voice not overly decorated with riffs and voice histrionics. His rendition of that tagalog song was like a growing emotion; the more you listen the more it pierces your heart," explained artist Edson Cachuela, one of the 5-member panel of judges.
Another challenge round is a medley of current popular songs showcasing their star quality, vocal range and interpretation with Ethel Mae Cagape of Maragusan winning the Best Performance of a Current hit.  Finally, it’s a test of stamina as they sing and dance to the current dance hits of K-Pop with Compostela's bet winning the Best in K-Pop Dance.

The other equally talented singers who also showed off their best are: from Montevista’s Faith Precious Andre C. Inguillo who won both the Globe Texters Choice Award and Beautederm Star Appeal;  Maco’s Rachelle Mae Ann Bomediano;  Mabini’s Angelica Vince Bermoy; Nabunturan’s Jovie Lasaca; New Bataan’s Melanie Lagrama; Pantukan’s Janrose De Gracia; and Laak’s Hazel Grace Garbo.  They get to bring home consolation cash prize of P10,000 each.

It was in 2010 when Monkayo also won the Garbo Comvalenyo Season 3 champion in the person of Jonna Mae Asio. Since then, the event has levelled up each year, offering something new in terms of production and concept. (fe f. maestre/ids comval)

This year’s Garbo Comvalenyo proves to be another hit as it progresses to another new interactive format to intensify the suspense and drama on March 5.  The event is part of the weeklong 10th Bulawan festival and 19th Founding Anniversary of Compostela Valley. (Maryel Lasaca/ids comval)

The winners for the Garbo Comvalenyo Season 8 held on March 7 in time for the Bulawan festival of Comval. Grand Champion is Monkayo’s pride, Jlou Claide S. Florentino followed by Danica Ella L. Hipos of Compostela, 1st runner-up and Romeo M. Loquinte Jr. of Mawab  as 2nd runner-up. (Maryel Lasaca/ids comval)

Garbo Comvalenyo Season 8 is again another crowd-drawer. This event is part of the week-long 10th Bulawan festival and 19thFounding Anniversary of Compostela Valley.  (Maryel Lasaca/ids comval)

(billy crawford)
Fil-Am singer, dancer, songwriter Billy Crawford is the guest artist for the Garbo Comvalenyo Season 8 on March 7. This event is part of the week-long 10th Bulawan festival and 19th Founding Anniversary of Compostela Valley.  (Maryel Lasaca/ids comva

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

If ifs and ans were pots and pans....

If ifs and ans were pots and pans…

IN MY OPINIONKlaus Doring 

…there would be no need for tinkers! An old proverbs, which hits the nail on its head.
Life doesn’t only consists of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Life has ups and downs and everyone tries to survive in his own clock-shell surrounded by a dangerous  ocean. Life is stuffed with plenty of excuses, and we are sometimes unable to apologize and say a meaningful “sorry” at the right moment.
Excuses don’t know the question of age. I still have two significant examples to share:
The church was crowded. Confirmation. A woman came too late. Traffic jam. In need of help, the woman looked to the left and then to the right. It looked like a young man liked to help her. He murmured, “Show up a bit, the LOLA likes to sit down”. The situation looked problem-free at that moment. But after taking first a deep breath, the LOLA realized the young man’s comment. She was just only 38 years “young”! With uneasiness she looked at the youngster, who started smiling at her. How old could he be? 14 or 15? A very big difference already to her age. Then suddenly, the young man realized his inappropriate remark and stuttered, “Sorry Madam, please excuse me! If I would have only known…!”
Choked with emotions, I also listened the story of my former editor colleague in Germany several years ago. Her mother had expelled her from life. Only while laying on her deathbed, she  did offer a plea in extenuation because of her lifelong fault.
Excuses because one is embarrassed or with a simple alibi can be  found at every corner. Did you, my dear reader, count already, how many times you used the term “IF”?
Just to mention this example, which I noticed several times from my students. ” If I could pass my German language exam, my partner would be very proud of me!” Sure, not only he, also me, as your German language professor at the University of Southeastern Philippines, Institute of Languages, Davao City.
“If there would be a God, there wouldn’t be so much misery, poverty, and war on earth!”
Well, if that’s the way it’s got to be…? If there is no other way?
Maybe, you still remember Elton John’s song from 1976: “Sorry (in the right moments!) seems to be the hardest word…”
That depends!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Big Vessels under new Cebu bridge

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday afternoon led the groundbreaking ceremony of the PHP27.9-billion Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX), the third link between the Cebu mainland and Mactan Island. The ceremony was held in Sitio Dapitan, Pilipog in Cordova town on Mactan Island.

Among those who attended the ceremony were Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena, Cordova Mayor Therese Sitoy-Cho, Secretary Adelino Sitoy, Presidential Adviser on Legislative Affairs and Manuel V. Pangilinan, chairman of the Metro Pacific Tollways Development Corporation (MPDTC).
MPDTC officials told PNA the bridge will be at least 40 meters above sea level, double the height of the two existing Mandaue-Mactan bridges, to accommodate big vessels entering the southern entrance of the Mactan Channel towards the Cebu City port.
MPDTC, the project proponent, entered into a joint venture agreement with the Cebu City Government and the Cordova Municipal Government, to undertake the third bridge that will connect Cebu City to Mactan Island.
The actual construction of the CCLEX, a toll bridge, is set to start in the second quarter of the year.
The Cordova side of the CCLEX will be in Barangay Pilipog, Cordova, while the Cebu City side will be at the South Road Properties (SRP).
The 8.25-kilometer toll-bridge will be constructed 7.5 kilometers south of the old Mandaue Bridge.
Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena said no house will be demolished on the Cebu City side because it will be at the unoccupied portion of the SRP.
The SRP now hosts the SM Seaside City and a mixed-use development of Filinvest Land Inc.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Peter Lavina has resigned

Malacañang: Laviña has resigned


Posted on March 02, 2017

PRESIDENT Rodrigo R. Duterte’s 2016 campaign spokesperson Peter Tiu Laviña on Wednesday announced his resignation as head of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) to spare the President from “embarrassing” corruption accusations.

However, a labor group leader, who met with Mr. Duterte at Malacañang last Monday, bared a different story, saying that Mr. Laviña was fired by the President two days ago due to corruption.

Paalam (Good bye)! I have been vilified in the past; my name used, abused and maligned. Recently, there had been efforts to discredit me again. There are rumors circulating that I have asked money from NIA contractors. These are not true,” Mr. Laviña said in a Facebook post yesterday.

“To spare the President from these embarrassing stories, particularly in these times of intensified attacks on him, I have quietly left government,” he added.

Cabinet Secretary Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr. confirmed Mr. Laviña’s resignation saying in a text message to reporters: “It is with deep regret that our office receives this news and wishes him well in his next endeavors.”

For her part, NIA spokesperson Pilipina Bermudez confirmed that Mr. Laviña had tendered his “irrevocable resignation” last week and that it took effect Tuesday.

However, she said she believed he resigned because of “health reasons.”

While denying Mr. Laviña was engaged in corruption, Ms. Bermudez confirmed that there were people using the name of the former NIA chief who had been “asking for cash” and favors, forcing the agency to issue a memorandum warning regional directors about the matter.

Ms. Bermudez said Estrella Icasiano will be NIA officer-in-charge but clarified that she would not be allowed to sign important documents.

Sought for details, Federation of Free Workers (FFW) President Jose Sonny Matula, who met with Mr. Duterte early this week, claimed that Mr. Duterte disclosed in a meeting with labor groups that he had sacked Mr. Laviña “to show that he mean business in the fight against corruption.”

Wala rin siya sasantuhin sa war against crimes and illegal drugs at pagsugpo sa kontraktwalisasyon (The president also said that there will be no sacred cows in his war against crimes and illegal drugs and contractualization),” Mr. Matula said.

In his speech during the launching of the new Bangsamoro Transition Commission on Feb. 24, Mr. Duterte reiterated his promise to weed out corruption, adding that he recently fired an official from Davao City.

“As a matter of fact, I fired last night one [official from] taga-Davao na... for simply making a remark about -- sabi ko he’s out and I told him, even a whiff of corruption, talagang tatanggalin kita,” the President said.

Known as “water boy” during his stint as NIA head, Mr. Laviña is from Mr. Duterte’s hometown of Davao City and served as his election campaign spokesman last year. -- Ian Nicolas P. Cigaralwith a report from

The point of prayer

The point of prayer

When tragedy strikes, it’s easy to harden our hearts and cry out, “God, why did you let this happen?” Maybe then, we started praying. Before, when everything goes smooth, we would not even think a minute about praying….
“To be a Christian without prayer, “said Martin Luther, “is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” Prayer is the only way of becoming what God wants us to be. This is the reason, why Jesus spent many hours in praying.
Unquestionable, our needs bring us to a place of prayer. Confronted with danger or tragedies, as I mentioned earlier, we look for God’s help. Difficult times always cause the hearts of men to turn to God into prayer.
Let me ask you: How long has it been since you’ve brought your burdens to God? Since you asked His forgiveness for your shortcomings?
In his very interesting book “People in Prayer”, Dr. John White reminds us that prayer is a divine-human interaction and it is always God who takes the initiative. White write: “God speaks and we respond. God is always speaking. To hear his voice is not usually a mystical experience. It consists merely of a willingness to pay heed to God who lays a claim to our lives.”
Yes, God always speaks. It is up to us whether we will listen and respond to Him. Many think we are the ones who initiate prayer. But prayers begin and end with God.
There was a time, I wasn’t in the mood to pray any more. It seemed that God didn’t listen my prayer any more. I didn’t get what I prayed for. Of course, not… ! That’s not the meaning of praying to God. All my wishes will be granted? Heaven forbid!
Sometimes, after we have prayed, God’s answers may puzzle us. But as time times go by and as events unfold we see God’s purpose in his answers. We might get a larger vision, what HE likes. Not what WE like….
Think about it for a moment” How does the idea that prayer begins and ends with God affect me now? Do I have the habit of listening to God? How do I respond to Him? How do I usually pray?
I confess that long time ago I have been trying to persuade God to change other people in my surroundings or circumstances. Nothing changed. Of course not, what a fatal attraction? I got confused because God never granted my requests. Meanwhile I got God’s answers to my prayers. Maybe very simple: I was willing to let God change me… .This is how each one of us should start. Happy endings. Because I prayed according to His will….
Nowadays, I live a wonderful life in my second and last home, the Philippines. I never regretted to move here for good. I have everything I could ask for. I can do everything I wish to do. Thank you Lord.
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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Just in time?

Just in time?

At least when it comes to policy towards Asia, US President Donald Trump is becoming a little bit more dependable it seems, says German TV- commentator Frank Sieren.
It’s rare, that I agree with my fellow German media friends. Yeah, sometimes, we also meet on a different level. Yes, this time: it was a close call, but US President Donald Trump seems.
Donald Trump  has come to his senses just in time. He had already spoken to over 20 heads of state before deciding to put a telephone call through to his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping last week. This was too late considering China’s economy is already stronger than the US’ in terms of purchasing power, China contributes four times more than the US to the global economy, China has the largest global population and is the fourth-largest country in terms of area after Russia, Canada and the USA. The Chinese government had every right to take offense but it stayed calm, even as it made clear behind the scenes that there were certain limits that should not be overstepped.
These limits would have been overstepped if Donald Trump had not called Xi before receiving Japanese President Shinzo Abe and certainly if he had not confirmed officially that he would honor the “One China” policy after hints that he would not in the past. He also, in a press conference, said that the phone call had been “very warm.” His willingness to back down is perhaps surprising, but it seems that Trump is going to play it cool from now on. It was also clever to not say a word about thorny issues such as the South China Sea territorial dispute, or the trade surplus.
Before the phone call, the US president involved his relatives to lessen the blow to China. In a first for the White House, he sent his daughter and her five-year-old Arabella to a New Year’s reception at the Chinese embassy. Moreover, a video of his granddaughter singing “Happy New Year” in Chinese went viral. The New York Times said this was a “diplomatic coup” on the part of Arabella, even if it did come two weeks too late.
It seems as if Trump is dealing with foreign policy in the same way as he does business: He sees how far he can go before having to backtrack, as he has done now with regard to China, NATO and Canada. He has also been reasonable with regard to North Korea, barely reacting to Kim Jong Un’s attempt to attract attention through missile tests. Internationally, there has been some relief that his non-reaction was as balanced as it would have been before him. In any case, his unusual behavior – tweeting, blustering, playing golf with Abe, let alone having his granddaughter play the diplomat – is keeping his opponents on their toes.
Beijing understood Trump’s game and remained remarkably calm during the time of the provocation; it can afford to stay calm: The world is well behind China when it comes to trade. But Trump is under pressure – he has to deliver on promises regarding economic growth and jobs in the US. He will have to show his hand soon; there can be no bluffing with regard to China. The economies of the US and China are simply too interdependent now.
Games? We should take a watch.
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Friday, February 24, 2017

What is this mysterious giant blob creature?

Locals baffled after hairy-looking beast washes up in the Philippines 

  • Stunned locals have flocked to the beach in Cagdainao, Dinagat Islands to gawp 
  • The huge white hairy beast came ashore following a recent earthquake
  • Pictures have since gone viral online with people trying to solve the mystery.

A huge, hairy mysterious sea creature has washed up on a beach in the Philippines.
Stunned locals have flocked to the beach in Cagdainao, Dinagat Islands to gawp at the monster-like beast and take selfies with it.
The huge white hairy beast is thought to have come ashore following a recent earthquake.
Several unusual sea creatures have been washing up on the shores of the tropical islands following the deadly quake on Sunday. 
A huge, hairy mysterious sea creature has washed up on a beach in the Philippines
A huge, hairy mysterious sea creature has washed up on a beach in the Philippines
Shocked locals have flocked to the beach in Cagdainao, Dinagat Islands to gawp at the monster-like beast
Locals have also been taking selfies with the 'monster'
Shocked locals have flocked to the beach in Cagdainao, Dinagat Islands to gawp at the monster-like beast
The huge white hairy beast is thought to have come ashore following a recent earthquake
The huge white hairy beast is thought to have come ashore following a recent earthquake
Images of the creature have since gone viral online, with several people offering up their suggestions as to what the monster could be.
Several suggested that the beast could be Appa, a fictional character from the Nickelodeon animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender. 
Austin Blanch‏@austinblanch tweeted saying: 'Yhink it's appa. Or a big Shitzu. I could be wrong.'
While another Twitter user, J Flow, said: 'It's that creature from The Neverending Story.'
Images of the creature have since gone viral online, with several people offering up suggestions as to what it may be
Images of the creature have since gone viral online, with several people offering up suggestions as to what it may be
The beast is actually a 20 foot long whale carcass, local scientists have said
The beast is actually a 20 foot long whale carcass, local scientists have said
John Paul Garcia suggested the beast may be similar to a supposed half-whale half-polar bear creature that washed up in Margate, South Africa, on 25 October 1924, which was nicknamed Trunko.
'Globster/Trunko right? Half whale half polar bear?' he said.
Globster is the name given to an unidentified organic mass that washes up on the shoreline of an ocean or other body of water.  
A supposed half-whale half-polar bear creature washed up in Margate, South Africa, on 25 October 1924, and was nicknamed Trunko
A supposed half-whale half-polar bear creature washed up in Margate, South Africa, on 25 October 1924, and was nicknamed Trunko
However, the beast is actually a 20 foot long whale carcass, local scientists have said.
The body of the whale, which weighs approximately 2,000 kilograms, is believed to have turned white due to an advanced stage of decomposition.
The animal is thought to have died approximately two weeks ago, possibly after being hit by a ship.

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