You plan to move to the Philippines? Wollen Sie auf den Philippinen leben?

There are REALLY TONS of websites telling us how, why, maybe why not and when you'll be able to move to the Philippines. I only love to tell and explain some things "between the lines". Enjoy reading, be informed, have fun and be entertained too!

Ja, es gibt tonnenweise Webseiten, die Ihnen sagen wie, warum, vielleicht warum nicht und wann Sie am besten auf die Philippinen auswandern könnten. Ich möchte Ihnen in Zukunft "zwischen den Zeilen" einige zusätzlichen Dinge berichten und erzählen. Viel Spass beim Lesen und Gute Unterhaltung!

Learn German Language in Davao City!Deutsch lernen in Davao City!

Sie müssen auf den Philippinen DEUTSCH lernen? You have to learn the German language in the Philippines? Sie wohnen in Davao oder irgendwo in Mindanao oder sonst wo auf den Philippinen? Do you reside in Davao City or somewhere else in Mindanao or the Philippines?

Hier können Sie sehr gut Deutsch lernen. Mein Deutschkurs als Professor am Institute of Languages (Fremdspracheninstitut) an der University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao besteht bereits nunmehr seit neun
Jahren und bietet die fundierte Ausbildung, die benoetigt wird, um das A1/A2 - aber auch die B1 und B2- Examen beim Goethe Institut in Manila bestehen zu können. Das Goethe Institut Manila und USEP haben bereits vor 8 Jahren ein Memorandum of Understanding zur Förderung der deutschen Sprache und Kultur unterzeichnet. Es unterrichten nur Sprachprofessoren, deren Qualifikation nachgewiesen werden konnten. CHED - Commission on Higher Education befindet sich in unmittelbarer Naehe auf dem USEP-Campus. Alle Kurs-Teilnehmer erhalten ein Universitäts-Zertifikat mit Abschlussnote. Dies ist wichtig für eine Visaerteilung!
- My German Language Course at the University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao City (International Institute of Languages) as Professor (
nine years now!) provides you with the requested education. You will be able to pass the A1/A2-exam (or even the B1/B2 exam at the Goethe Institute in Manila). Eight years ago, the Goethe Institute and USEP signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding German language and culture support. Only qualified professors are being able to teach different languages in USEP. CHED - Commission on Higher Education is located at the USEP campus. Language Course Students will be receiving an university certificate with average grade at the end of the course. This certification is important for a visa application!
Rufen Sie JETZT an: DAVAO 082 - 227 1761. Please call DAVAO 082 - 227 1761. ODER/OR 0915 - 2199002.

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Deutsche Sprache-Kurse A1 und A2: 120 Stunden - Unterrichtsstunden: montags, dienstags und mittwochs und donnerstags von 9:30 bis 11:30Uhr. Begrenztes Platzangebot: nur 15 Teilnehmer! EINSCHREIBUNGEN sind wieder möglich, da neue Studentinnen und Studenten JETZT Deutsch lernen möchten. Ein weiterer Kurs wird im 24. Juli 2017 beginnen.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Power of Prayer

The power of prayer

When tragedy strikes, it’s easy to harden our hearts and cry out, “God, why did you let this happen?” May-be then, we started praying. Before, when everything goes smooth, we would not even think a minute about praying….
“To be a Christian without prayer,” said Martin Luther, “is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” Prayer is the only way of becoming what God wants us to be. This is the reason, why Jesus spent many hours in praying.
Unquestionable, our needs bring us to a place of prayer. Confronted with danger or tragedies, as I mentioned earlier, we look for God’s help. Difficult times always cause the hearts of men to turn to God into prayer.
Let me ask you: How long has it been since you brought your burdens to God? Since you asked His forgiveness for your shortcomings?
In his very interesting book “People in Prayer”, Dr. John White reminds us that prayer is a divine-human interaction and it is always God who takes the initiative. White writes: “God speaks and we respond. God is always speaking. To hear his voice is not usually a mystical experience. It consists merely of a willingness to pay heed to God who lays a claim to our lives.”
Yes, God always speaks. It is up to us whether we will listen and respond to Him. Many think we are the ones who initiate prayer. But prayers begin and end with God.
There was a time, I wasn’t in the mood to pray any more. It seemed that God didn’t listen my prayer any more. I didn’t get what I prayed for. Of course, not…! That’s not the meaning of praying to God. All my wishes will be granted? Heaven forbid!
Sometimes, after we have prayed, God’s answers may puzzle us. But as time time goes by and as events unfold, we see God’s purpose in His answers. We might get a larger vision, what HE likes. Not what WE like….
Think about it for a moment: How does the idea that prayer begins and ends with God affect me now? Do I have the habit of listening to God? How do I respond to Him? How do I usually pray?
I confess that long time ago I have been trying to persuade God to change other people in my surroundings or circumstances. Nothing changed. Of course not, what a fatal attraction? I got confused because God never granted my requests. Meanwhile I got God’s answers to my prayers. Maybe very simple: I was willing to let God change me…. This is how each one of us should start. Happy endings. Because I prayed according to His will….
Nowadays, I live a wonderful life in my second and last home, the Philippines. I never regretted to move here for good. I have everything I could ask for. I can do everything I wish to do. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Palace lists 18 holidays in 2018

The public can prepare for their vacations this early following the release of the official list of regular and special non-working days in the country for 2018.
President Duterte has signed Proclamation No. 269 declaring 10 regular holidays and eight special non-working days for next year, paving the way for several long weekends.
President Rodrigo Duterte

The 2018 regular holidays are New Year’s Day, January 1 (Monday); Maundy Thursday, March 29; Good Friday, March 30; Araw ng Kagitingan,April 9 (Monday); Labor Day, May 1 (Tuesday); Independence Day, June 12 (Tuesday); National Heroes Day, August 27 (last Monday of August); Bonifacio Day, November 30 (Friday); Christmas Day, December 25 (Tuesday); and, Rizal Day, December 30 (Sunday).
The special non-working days are Chinese New Year, February 16 (Friday); EDSA People Power Revolution anniversary, February 25 (Sunday); Black Saturday, March 31; Ninoy Aquino Day, August 21 (Tuesday); All Saints’ Day, November 1 (Thursday); and last day of the year, December 31 (Monday).
Two additional special holidays are All Souls’ Day, November 2 (Friday) and Christmas Eve, December 24 (Monday).
The extra holidays were declared to “strengthen family ties” in commemorating such activities as well as promote domestic tourism.
The proclamations declaring national holidays for Eid’l Fitr and Eid’l Adha will be issued soon after the dates of the Islamic holidays have been determined. The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos have been designated to inform the Office of the President of the actual dates when the holidays will fall.
The Department of Labor and Employment has been ordered to issue the implementing guidelines for the proclamation of the holidays in the country for 2018.
The proclamation, signed by the President last July 17, takes effect immediately.

SM Baguio spearheads planting in Busol watershed

SM Baguio spearheads planting in Busol watershed

By Zaldy Comanda
Baguio City – In celebration of Cordillera Day, a total of 50,000 Benguet Pine seedlings were planted by the SM management and city government employees at an adopted site at the Busol watershed, last July 14, in this city.
SM City Baguio employees, together with representatives from the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO), local government of Baguio, and the Baguio Water District (BWD) trooped to the Busol watershed to plant some 20,000 Benguet Pine saplings as part of the company’s commitment to bring back the greenery of the city’s environment.
TREE-PLANTING COMMITMENT – SM City Baguio employees participate in a tree-planting activity at the Busol watershed in Baguio City where they planted 20,000 Benguet Pine saplings. (Zaldy Comanda)
TREE-PLANTING COMMITMENT – SM City Baguio employees participate in a tree-planting activity at the Busol watershed in Baguio City where they planted 20,000 Benguet Pine saplings. (Zaldy Comanda)
The 20,000 saplings that were planted were part of the 50,000 saplings that were committed to be planted by the company within the Busol watershed. Deyan Construction, SM City Baguio’s reforestation contractor, will plant the remaining 30,000 seedlings.
Aside from the 50,000 tree saplings that were planted in Busol watershed, SM City Baguio’s contractor will be planting another 50,000 fruit bearing trees in the perimeter of the 139-hectare property in Sto. Tomas School Area and Camp 7 for the remainder of the year.
Mall Manager Rona Vida Correa, reported that from 2012 to 2014, SM City Baguio was able to plant within the Busol watershed some 24,092 assorted tree saplings which was the initial wave of trees that were planted within the city’s premier watershed that supplies some 40 percent of the city’s potable water supply.
Under its reforestation contract with SM, Deyan is obliged to maintain the planted trees for a three-year period until such time that the planted trees will be able to independently grow and service their purpose.
She said SM still has a balance of some 350,000 assorted tree saplings that will be panted in the different parts of the city.
“Thus, SM’s commitment to plant 500,000 trees within five years could be shortened depending on the availability of the planting sites where the saplings will be planted and maintained by its contractor, Correa said.
SM City Baguio assured stakeholders that it will remain committed in helping concerned government agencies and the local government sustain their environmental preservation and protection programs to be able to maintain the city’s forest cover instrumental in balancing its cool climate for the benefit of the present and future generations.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The challenge of our century

Sustainable food for everyone? The challenge of our century

IN MY OPINIONKlaus Doring 

If I think about it, peace is first in my mind. But there is still another challenge. Worldwide population is expected to grow to nearly 10 billion by 2050 – but agricultural lands won’t be able to follow the same pace. The problem is clear: something has to change. The question is what.
Sustainable food for everyone! Food – besides water!
The world’s population continues to grow – but the Earth’s surface doesn’t. And already one in nine people around the world suffers from hunger. Although fertility levels worldwide are declining, life expectancy is increasing – and therefore, the global population keeps growing. The United Nations estimates that the world’s population is increasing by more than 80 million people every year.
Forecasts offer a nonstop rise: The global population is expected to reach 8.6 billion in 2030, 9.8 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100. So allow me to ask: How can we feed all these billions without destroying the Earth?
Although it’s a dire picture, but let’s face it: the situation is not as disastrous as it might seem. Food is not lacking – it is just poorly managed. I got the idea for this post after having watched an interview with Ralf Südhoff, head of the World Food Program of the United Nations in Berlin. He said: “Today, we would be able to feed many more people than we do.” “But we waste too much of the food we produce, and we lack efficient production – particularly in Africa.”
Forgotten are many rural areas. I agree with Südhoff who says that population growth is not the key cause of hunger, but rather a lack of efficiency in managing our resources. Indeed, farmers in rural areas of some African and Asian countries still lack the necessary means to maximize crop yields, misusing vast areas of land.
Imagine, the productivity of existing arable lands could be doubled, experts believe. And  experts agree that productivity could be increased through very simple means. Allow me to quote again Ralf Südhoff: “Efficiency could be doubled or tripled in African countries by providing basic means such as training, credits and land rights”.
According to Valentin Thurn, director of the German documentary “10 Billion- What’s on your plate?”, farmers in rural areas are the most affected by hunger – and the ones most commonly left behind.  He believes, and he is “deadly” correct,  smallholders should get integrated into the modernization processes – until now, only limited to big industrialized farms.
While it won’t necessarily be easy to feed 10 billion people sustainably, it is possible, experts believe.
“We are producing at such a pace that the natural cycle cannot recover fast enough,” Klingholz said. “And this is mainly rich countries’ fault.”  Global agriculture currently produces some 4,000 calories per capita per day – the double of what each person needs. Sad to say but it’s also true: we are already producing enough for 9 to 12 billion people – but we discard a third of the harvest worldwide!
Farmers are adapting to climate change. Yes, there is climate change! The World Food Program estimates that under climate change scenarios, the risk of malnutrition for children will increase 20 percent by 2050 – meaning 24 million more children could soon suffer from it. Industrialized countries are therefore even more responsible for mitigating the effects of climate change. Südhoff believes this and so do I and many others on this globe.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Miss Philippines Earth Candidates

 5 eco-friendly tips to save money

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Miss Philippines Earth candidates with Merrell Philippines President Charles Yu (second from right) and Marketing Manager Denise Lau (second from left). Christopher Toledo IV
MANILA, Philippines — A 6.5-magnitude quake in Leyte, a trillion-ton iceberg breaking away from the polar regions, and a business-as-usual approach to climate change that is “disastrous” for Asia, said the Asian Development Bank.
Environmental issues like these make Miss Philippines Earth valuable now more than ever, according to the pageant’s contestants.
More than just a beauty contest, Miss Philippines Earth has been a champion for environmental awareness and responsibility, said Charles Yu, president of global footwear brand Merrell.
As such, the brand has been partnering with the pageant for three years now since the brand, said Yu, has been inspiring adventures and motivating travelers not only to enjoy the outdoors but to respect it as well.
“Miss Philippines Earth candidates are not only beauties, but also passionate advocates of the environment,” Yu added.
Before the coronation night on July 15, select Miss Philippines Earth candidates shared some pieces of advice on how one can save lives and money while saving Mother Earth.

Former Philippine President Aquino could face jail ...

... over police raid

The former president of the Philippines faces charges for a 2015 police raid that left 44 officers dead. Benigno Aquino was indicted for usurping authority and allowing a suspended police chief to run the fatal raid.
Benigno Aquino III
Philippine Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales ordered criminal negligence charges against former President Benigno Aquino III for a 2015 operation that left 44 officers dead. During the raid, militants ambushed 400 police commandos sent to kill a Malaysian extremist. Aquino had entrusted police chief Alan Purisima - at the time suspended and facing corruption charges - with planning the operation to arrest a terror suspect in the town of Mamasapano, in Maguindanao province.
A Senate inquiry found that Purisima and Napenas failed to coordinate the operation with the military and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, a rebel group that could have mediated. As a result of the carnage, the congress refused to pass a Muslim self-rule bill that would have crowned Aquino's efforts to bring lasting peace to the rebellion-torn Mindanao region, home to the Catholic nation's large Islamic minority. The congress could look at a new such bill within the next two weeks.
Karte Philippinen ENG
Carpio-Morales also plans to file charges against Purisima and another former official, Getulio Napenas.
Watch video01:05

Civilians flee fighting in southern Philippines

'Some erroneous conclusions'
Ernesto Abella, the spokesman for President Rodrigo Duterte , hailed the "heroic sacrifice" of the slain police commandos after Carpio-Morales announced the charges. "It is his - and the nation's - hope to finally bring justice to the victims and families of the Fallen 44 and put closure to the issue as part of the healing process," Abella said, speaking for Duterte.
Aquino, president from 2010 to 2016, could face several years in prison if convicted. An aide said the former president planned to study the Ombudsman's decree in order to file a motion for reconsideration. "An initial reading shows that there may have been a misappreciation of some facts surrounding the incident, leading to some erroneous conclusions," the aide said in a statement.
The bloodbath, infamously known as the "Mamasapano Massacre," helped to turn public opinion against Aquino, who later unsuccessfully campaigned to prevent the election of Duterte as his successor. The new president has frequently raised the Mamasapano incident as proof of his predecessor's misdeeds. Duterte's supporters had also filed a complaint of "reckless imprudence resulting in multiple homicide" against Aquino, but Carpio-Morales dismissed that.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

We love to complain!

We love to complain!


Many times, we don’t have reasons at all to do so – but, we love to complain. We bring many assertions to bear: first, in the past we have been thriftier and economical, more religious and devout, more patriotic, industrious, more hard-working, keen and obedient. And, second, above everything and all: in the past we had more idealists. Third, nowadays we have (mostly?) mate-rial things in mind – what a disgrace.
I just quoted Vox Populi….
A “materialist” has indeed become a swear-word. I don’t mean with “material” the accumulated data out of which a writer creates a work of literary, historical, or scientific value. A materialist is being easily described as someone with an attitude, who ignores spiritual values, compared with an idealist, who has the tendency to seek the highest spiritual perfection.
Idealism means the doctrine that appearance is purely the perception, the idea of subjects, and that the world is to be regarded as consisting of mind. The coquetry of higher philosophy makes it difficult to bear the ups and downs in our daily life.
Sure, we all know, that “our last earthly dress has no pockets  any more”. Striving for earthly and terrestrial possession, property and estate might be the hit-man of idealism. That’s how we have been taught. “Wine, women and song”, having the unpleasant feeling of fullness, egoism and bragging as well as showing-off – are these the materialist’s real attitudes?
Is the idealist, many times not being able stand on earth with both feet, the only one who occupies himself with religion and virtuousness – so to speak, with celestial and heavenly things? Is that really so? Can we make such a distinction?
Sure, it’s easy to so so: it’s manageable and comfortable. But well, why is the enjoyment having a tasty meal BAD, and listening a recital composed by Johann Sebastian Bach BETTER? Why should art be better than roasted pork and a bottle of wine? Value judgments and moral concepts….
Owning a house and lot and care are – of course – earthly properties, as well as bank saving accounts, profitable insurances, and invest advantageously stocks. Is a terrible underpaid nurse or a book author an idealist, because he or she doesn’t work for the filthy lure but for higher values? Has Jesus been an idealist, because He renunciated and died without terrestrial possession? Has Jesus been a materialist, because He fed thousands of people on the breadline? Are we idealists, if we bequeath nothing to our families and might die without a single centavo, because earthly things are bad?

Saturday, July 8, 2017

President Duterte tries to enter Marawi

By Edith Regalado (The Philippine Star)

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Wearing Army camouflage uniform, President Duterte and his aides visit a military camp in Iligan City after a failed attempt to visit Marawi City yesterday.
DAVAO CITY , Philippines  – President Duterte tried to sneak into Marawi City yesterday but failed due to bad weather.
The President had said he was again taking some “private time” and did not announce his Marawi visit.

Garbed in military camouflage and a cap, Duterte made it as far as Iligan City but was prevailed upon not to continue on to Marawi.

This was reportedly his fourth attempt to go to the besieged city.
His “me time” came after five successive days of provincial sorties, military camp visits and other social engagements.
The President came home to Davao City Wednesday after staying for three days at Bahay Pagbabago in Malacañang. He met with Cabinet officials last Tuesday.
Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1
Even the release of a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey showing him enjoying a high net satisfaction rating did not convince the President to come out briefly to say a word or two about the positive development.
There were no official engagements or functions lined up for him yesterday.
Duterte made it clear earlier that he would spend most of his time in Mindanao in the next few weeks, as he still has to resolve the Marawi crisis sparked by the seizure of the city by the Islamic State-linked Maute militant group.
He said he would only travel to Manila if he needs to attend important functions or meetings.
On Thursday night, Duterte braved the rains to visit three soldiers injured in an attack by New People’s Army rebels in Monkayo, Compostela Valley last July 1.
The three wounded soldiers, now confined at the Metro Davao Medical and Research Center, were identified as Pfc. Jestoni Torrefiel, Pvt. Alex Agiaman and Cpl. Rey Lagura.
The President awarded the Wounded Personnel Medal to each of the three. They were also given cash assistance and a Glock sidearm each.
Duterte once again expressed gratitude to the wounded soldiers for their sacrifice, saying he could never thank them enough for their dedication and passion for performing their task of protecting the country and the people.
Earlier, he visited troops of the Army’s 403rd Infantry Brigade in Malaybalay, Bukidnon, many of whom were given military merit medals. 

Strong Quake Jolts Leyte

 (The Philippine Star) 

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An ABS-CBN News photo contributed by Edgar Muralla Jr. shows parked cars damaged by a collapsed portion of a grocery in Kananga, Leyte following a 6.5-magnitude earthquake that struck the province yesterday.
MANILA, Philippines -  Rescuers rushed frantically to find people who were trapped in a three-story building that collapsed after a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck Leyte yesterday.
As of last night, at least two persons had been confirmed killed in the quake, one of them in the building that collapsed in Kananga town.

“We were able to retrieve one dead and one wounded,” Mayor Rowena Codilla told dzBB radio.

Codilla said she did not know how many more people were inside the building.
The 10-year-old New Town General Merchandise building near the Kananga Municipal Hall housed a small hotel on the upper floors and shops on the ground floor, she said, adding there was little damage elsewhere in the town.
She said the rescue was hampered by aftershocks that continued to rock the area and the lack of proper equipment.
Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1
Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez told dzMMthat a landslide struck a house and killed a young woman. Over 100 others were injured in the city, with many “traumatized and hysterical,” he said.
The strong shaking caused cracks in some buildings and roads in Ormoc and power was automatically shut off, Gomez said.
Officials said a geothermal plant’s cooling system in the mountains of Tongonan and Kananga collapsed. The damage could mean a long drawn out power outage to all its service areas in Bohol and the rest of the Visayas.
The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) has yet to confirm reports of casualties, injuries and damage to infrastructure due to the quake.
The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said the quake’s epicenter was traced 13 kilometers southwest of Jaro, Leyte.
Intensity 6 was felt in Jaro and Kananga while Intensity 5 was recorded in Tacloban City, Palo and Ormoc City and Cebu City and Mandaue City in Cebu, Phivolcs said.
Intensity 4 was felt in Samar, Bohol, Iloilo, Negros Occidental, Agusan del Norte and other parts of Leyte, it said.

Tsunami possibility dismissed

Department of Science and Technology undersecretary and Phivolcs officer-in-charge Renato Solidum said the tremor, tectonic in origin, was generated by the movement of the Philippine Fault Zone Leyte segment.
Phivolcs dismissed the possibility of a tsunami but added it was expecting damage and advised residents to be prepared for aftershocks.
The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) said the quake that hit Leyte at 4:04 p.m. yesterday did not damage airports in the province.
In his initial assessment report to CAAP Operations Rescue and Coordinating Center (ORCC), Area Manager VIII engineer Danilo Abareta said the Calbayog, Catarman and Tacloban airports, which are operating regular commercial flights, are in normal condition while Ormoc airport is being evaluated for damage at the end of runways 36 and 18.

No damage

A receptionist at Hotel XYZ said the quake was felt in Tacloban, but did not damage buildings there.
“It was far away from here, we are OK,” the receptionist said.
A receptionist at a hotel in another part of the city reported the quake was felt but did not cause damage in the area. “We are safe,” he said.
In Cebu, the biggest city in the Visayas, a receptionist at a hotel also said there had been no major damage.
But people across the region of mostly farming and fishing communities reported feeling the powerful quake.
Marlon Tano, a Leyte farmer and journalist, told AFP it knocked him off his feet at his eggplant farm in Borauen, a town near the quake’s epicenter.
“It was so strong that I fell,” Tano said.
“I saw buses and motorcycles stopping on the highway and people getting off them,” he added.
In Tacloban City, where the tremor was felt at Intensity 5, schools and offices were immediately vacated by panicking people.
There was pandemonium inside malls, as people jostled to get out of buildings. No report of damage, however, was reported.
In Gandara town of Samar, Phivolcs monitored the quake at magnitude 3.6. All employees occupying the municipal hall quickly ran out of the building.
There was instant power outage in Eastern Visayas as the quake struck.
Police Regional Office-8 officials said there was no damage reported but they were still monitoring reports from the field.
In Pastrana, one of two towns at the quake’s epicenter, Mayor Alvin Opiniano reported no damage yet but the municipal disaster risk reduction team has gone out to various barangays to monitor the situation.
In Agusan del Norte, two mild quakes hit Jabonga at 6:14 a.m. and 7:57 a.m. with magnitudes 2.7 and 3.5.
The quakes were followed by the bigger 6.5 magnitude tremor in Jaro, Leyte in the afternoon, Phivolcs reported.
No damage was reported by the Jabonga Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.

Assistance to victims

President Duterte assured residents affected by the quake that the government is doing everything to help them.
“The military is doing its utmost. I am here for the time being that there’s a ruckus in Central Mindanao. I would be spending most of my time here,” Duterte told reporters yesterday in Bukidnon, referring to the Marawi siege, which started last May 23.
Duterte said nobody can foretell disasters like earthquakes.
“That’s why in the insurance business, disasters are called or categorized an ‘act of God,’” he said.
“So ang God, ganito ang ating habulin. Kaya mo? Isama na natin ‘yung mga pari (Can we make God accountable? Let’s include the priests),” he said in jest.
“We ask our people, especially residents of affected areas, to stay calm and yet remain alert and vigilant for aftershocks as we assure them of immediate assistance by the government,” presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said.
“We ask our people to regularly check the Phivolcs website for the latest earthquake information,” he added.

Quake depth

The quake hit at a depth of around six kilometers, the US Geological Survey said.
There was no immediate warning of a tsunami, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said.
In November 2013, large parts of Leyte were devastated by Super Typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan).
Huge tsunami-like waves smashed Tacloban City and nearby areas, leaving 7,350 people dead or missing.
In February, a magnitude 6.5 quake killed eight people and left more than 250 injured outside the southern city of Surigao.
The following month a magnitude 5.9 tremor killed one person there in March.
Before the Surigao quakes, the last lethal earthquake to hit the country was a magnitude 7.1 tremor that left more than 220 people dead and destroyed historic churches when it struck the Bohol and other islands in the Visayas in October 2013.
The country lies on the so-called Ring of Fire, a vast Pacific Ocean region where many quakes and volcanic eruptions occur. – AFP, AP, Rhodina Villanueva, Rudy Santos, Emmanuel Tupas, Michael Punongbayan, Alexis Romero, Edgar Vilbar, Lalaine Jimenea, Manassas Benedicto Serano, Miriam Garcia Descada, Freeman

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