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Ja, es gibt tonnenweise Webseiten, die Ihnen sagen wie, warum, vielleicht warum nicht und wann Sie am besten auf die Philippinen auswandern könnten. Ich möchte Ihnen in Zukunft "zwischen den Zeilen" einige zusätzlichen Dinge berichten und erzählen. Viel Spass beim Lesen und Gute Unterhaltung!

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Klaus Döring ...

Global Warming


While most Asian countries keep on fighting with typhoons, heavy down pours, floods and landslides, Europe faces this: Snow comes later, melts earlier, and is not nearly as deep as it was 30 years ago. EU scientists are racing to help winter tourism regions adapt to climate change — but is man-made snow the answer?

Global warming has already shut down scores of European ski hills outside the high alpine zones.

"Last year, we had about 20 days, the year before, even fewer," German mechanic Karl Oberreiter says, working on the control panel of a chairlift. "I don't think we've had a full season since the 1980's. There's a point where you can't do it anymore. After that, I don't know."

Oberreiter's concerns echo across the across the heart of the Alps in Austria and Switzerland like a mournful yodel.

Winters are 10 to 30 days shorter than during the 1960's. By 2100, there will be almost no snow below 1,200 meters — an average elevation for ski towns. The overall snow cover in the Alps will decline 70 percent, according to recent climate studies.

Preserving winter tourism and sports in the Alps beyond 2100 requires not just keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, but the Paris Agreement's more ambitious — and many say, extremely unlikely — goal of 1.5 degrees.

Even if that were achieved, alpine winters are expected to grow ever-shorter, before potentially stabilizing toward the end of the century in a warmer and much less snowy state, says author Bob Berwyn.

With the future of the ski and winter tourism industry at stake, a team of international scientists, partly funded by the European Union, launched the new ProSnow research project in November.

Winter tourism and sports in the Alps are at risk! It aims to make resort towns in the Alps more resilient to climate change by accurately forecasting seasonal snowfall and temperatures. Combined with long-term climate projections, this information is hoped to help alpine communities plan for the future — even making up for nature's shortfall with snow-making and snow farming.

The sad truth for many towns and ski areas below 1,000 meters is, in the coming decades most of their white magic will come from the business end of industrial snowaking machines.

Ski resorts around the world have already installed miles of water pipes and built reservoirs and pumps so they can make their own snow. Water is vaporized by thousands of high-pressure nozzles and freezes into a crystalline form that's almost like the real thing.

Ski area operators have become snow farmers. Before the season starts, they use the snow guns to make big piles of snow in strategic spots on the mountain. Later, snow grooming machines distribute and smooth it out.

Conservation organizations like the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps (CIPRA), have fiercely criticized snowmaking because of its energy consumption and disruption of ecosystems like tundra and streams.

And some sustainably oriented mountain resort communities have rejected it in favor of a "soft tourism" path that's supported by both the German and Austrian alpine clubs.

But ProSnow project leader Samuel Morin says snowmaking is here to stay, because resorts know that natural snow will be even less reliable in the coming decades.

"Snow reacts immediately to climate change, and since the early 1990's, snow is no longer a certainty," Morin said in an interview lately.  "The project was initially triggered by long-term climate concerns. And there is more variability now. The question is, to what extent can snow-making and other technical measures counteract that?"

It’s a question that's also pertinent in California, which right now is suffering floods and slum-slides after weeks of wildfires. Close to Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, about 300 miles north of Los Angeles, skier Jamie Shectman is waiting for snow after a bone-dry fall. He says you can't take the ski industry in isolation. A summer of destructive hurricanes and wildfires shows that globally, climate change impacts are intensifying, threatening lives and food production. More snowmaking may not be the most appropriate response.

"There's a total disconnect between our sport and what's happening with climate change," Shectman told in an TV interview last night. "We know it's a high impact sport. From a karma perspective, the ski industry should be at the fore of the fight against global warming," he says.

People are thinking now about creative solutions for green winter slopes. Instead of energy-hogging sources of greenhouse gas pollution, ski resorts should become self-sufficient producers of wind, solar, biomass and hydropower, Shectman says, describing his involvement in developing a solar power project at Mt. Abrams Ski Area, in Maine.

Climate change is probably outpacing our technical capabilities to adapt, so slowing and stopping warming should be the priority. In just the past decade — the warmest in Earth's recorded history — the snow line rose between 1,200 and 1,500 feet in the northern Sierra Nevada.

Of course, there are regional nuances to global warming impacts, and for some communities in the Alps, with access to renewable energy and high-elevation ski slopes, snowmaking could be an interim option to keep skiing alive. That includes the five alpine towns in France, Italy, Switzerland Austria and Germany that are part of the ProSnow pilot project this winter. All are in the mid-elevation mountain belt most susceptible to global warming.

Austrian winters have shortened by 10 to 20 days since the 1950's, and maximum snow depth has declined at all elevations and nearly all regions of the mountainous country, with small localized exceptions.

The uncertainty, paradoxically, is also what why proponents say energy-intensive snow-making such an indispensable part of the winter ski and tourism industry — at least for the foreseeable future.

Fact is: global warming and climate change effects all of us. Worldwide. Sad to say: it's no more five minutes before twelve. It's already several minutes after twelve!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Evacuation after Mayon Volcano spews ash 2.5 km into air

A six-kilometre evacuation zone is created around the Mayon volcano, with residents sheltering in local schools.

Image:The Mayan volcano in Albay. Credit: @phivolcs_dost
People in the Philippines have been forced from their homes after an active volcano spewed ash thousands of meters into the air.
The "steam-driven eruption" at Mayon volcano in Albay province started around 5pm local time on Saturday.
The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) recorded an ash column 2,500 metres high.
Provincial disaster officials ordered the immediate evacuation of villages at the foot of Mayon due to the expected ashfall.
The lowest level one alert has been issued, meaning people are not allowed to stay within a six-kilometre "permanent danger zone", Phivolcs said.
Evacuees have been given shelter in local schools.
Image:Ashes spewing from the volcano. Credit: @phivolcs_dost
Officials said residents should protect against inhaling the ash, advising them to wear masks or cover their noses and mouths with wet clothes.
People living outside the danger zone but on the slopes of the volcano were warned to take precautions against potential roof collapses due to the weight of ash and rainfall.
Mayon last erupted in 2014.
It killed 1,200 people in February 1841 when lava flows buried a town.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Celine Dion will perform in Manila for the first time ever ...

Her concert in Manila is set to be in Mall of Asia Arena on July 19. Tickets are reportedly priced at P35,380, P32,210, P19,540, P16,370, P7,920, and P2,640, and will be available to the public on Jan. 18 through So be sure to set your alarms!

In case you needed reminding, she’s the great voice behind Titanic’s “My Heart Will Go On” and also “Beauty and the Beast” from the animated film. And don’t forget her other hits like “All by Myself” and “It’s All Coming Back to Me.”

During an interview, Celine mentioned that she and her team will be customizing her list of songs per country, meaning she’s sure to play our favorite hits during the concert. Not only do you have to prepare for when you buy your ticket, but we highly suggest you get your vocal chords ready to sing along!

Philippines' Duterte rebounds with 'excellent' trust score ...

... in new survey

Spokesman said survey showed the public recognised Duterte was exercising political will to address security and crime problems
Image Credit: AFP
Rodrigo Duterte
Gulf News
Manila: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s trust rating bounced back to “excellent” in December from “very high” three months before, with four of every five adult Filipinos giving him the highest score in a survey that focused on his personality.
Duterte’s trust rating in pollster Social Weather Station’s (SWS) quarterly surveys had been “excellent” from the time he took power in June 2016 until June last year, before it dipped in the third quarter, raising questions about whether he might be starting to lose his almost rock-star appeal.

Although that rating was still high, the size of the fall — 18 points — was notable for a former southern mayor who is regarded by millions of working class Filipinos as the best hope for long overdue change after a succession of Manila-centric leaders who failed to deliver.
But Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said the latest survey showed the public recognised that Duterte was exercising political will to address security and crime problems and ensure sustained economic growth.
“He has promoted the rule of law against the threats of terrorism and, of course, he is winning the war against drugs,” he told reporters, referring to Duterte’s signature and deadly anti-narcotics campaign.
The firebrand leader has also been enjoying majority approval and trust ratings from surveys done by another pollster, Pulse Asia, despite drawing international criticisms for his abusive public comments and a war on drugs that has killed thousands of Filipinos.
The SWS survey, conducted from December 8 to 16 using face-to-face interviews with 1,200 respondents, found 83 per cent of adult Filipinos with “much trust” in him.
SWS said public satisfaction with Duterte’s performance was also high with a score of 58 in December, improving from 48 in the previous quart

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Gohing, Gumabao to boost Creamline's 'superteam' in PVL

MANILA, Philippines – Melissa Gohing and Michele Gumabao have joined forces with Alyssa Valdez, Jia Morado and Risa Sato to form Creamline’s “super team” in the Premier Volleyball League Reinforced Conference tentatively set on April 1.

Gohing amicably parted ways with Pocari Sweat, a team she played for five years and helped win three PVL championships, after her contract expired at the end of last year while Gumabao will jump from a Cocolife squad that wound up a surprise fourth in the Phl Superliga Grand Prix a year back.

Interestingly, Gohing and Gumabao are former teammates at La Salle in the UAAP Pocari for four years before the latter made the jump last season.

Now they’re back playing side by side again for a different team.

Gohing and Gumabao were just two of the three blue chip acquisitions by the Cool Smashers after plucking Sato from reigning Open Conference champion Bali Pure.

The three, along with Valdez, a four-time PVL MVP, reigning best setter Morado, and seasoned Rose Vargas, Pau Soriano and Cesca Racraquin, will form a stacked Tai Bundit-mentored Creamline squad that has emerged as the early title favorites with the PVL season still a couple of months away.

The recruiting coup was part of Creamline’s plan of snaring its very first title after finishing third place twice in last year’s Reinforced and Open Conferences.

Valdez has also committed to play the whole year for Creamline after missing several games a year ago.

Valdez played as an import for 3BB in Thailand and Attackline in Chinese Taipei while also committing most of her time for the national team that participated in the Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

A ridiculous fact

Mindanao Daily Mirror, January 6, 2018

A ridiculous fact

A mistaken belief accompanies us each and every second of our life. Incorrect decisions and wrong doings are part of our daily life.

It is almost a ridiculous fact that man wants to know certain truths about mundane things. But really, he seems least interested in even mundane truths as can be read many times in our daily newspapers or online for example. There seem to be too much rash judgments, and the readers absorb these and make these their own. A fatal attraction!

This is sometimes referred to as journalistic mentality wherein accusations are generously made without proof. Evolution started this trend, when scientists stated for example that man evolved from the apes -  without proof. The only proof they had was the missing link, and, if I am not mistaken, it's still a missing proof until now.

To look for proofs is a mental activity, which is no longer a common thing nowadays, because it takes really time, effort and is too serious to think about. Yet in Christian education, thinking right is very important.That's why Philosophy is important in Christian life. To avoid error in thinking, the rules of right reasoning must be studied and mastered. It is really totally neglected in today's modern education?

Thinking is actually an enjoyable activity but when one is pressured to get a good job for one's sustenance, then the other more mundane become attractive. After all, great thinkers many time do not get (good?) jobs... .

Spiritual writers like the British Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) noticed that mankind had stopped thinking even two centuries ago. Wow. That was during his age.

Man probably stopped thinking even earlier. He has ceased many times to search for the truth. It's easier to listen to gossip and believe in it. What a sign of weak minds!

Too often are we blind to the truth. As a consequence, we easily believe in lies we only have to like it. Too bad, if people always like to close their eyes and ears especially while experiencing the delusion of error. 


Ad multos annons? No, just for 2018: In advance: Happy New Year to all of you, my dear readers also from this corner. May our good Lord shower you with all His neve rending blessings. Sursum corda! Let's lift up our hearts!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Philippine President Duterte fires MARINA chief ....

... for 'excessive' foreign trips

 48  541 googleplus0  1 
Passengers disembark from the MV Lady of Love of Medallion Transport Inc. in this file photo. MARINA supervises maritime transportation in the country. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO.
MANILA, Philippines (Updated 2:16 p.m.) — After days of vague hints, the Palace announced Thursday that President Rodrigo Duterte has fired another government official due to "excessive foreign trips."
Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque, in a press conference on Thursday, said that Duterte terminated the services of Maritime Industry Authority administrator Marcial Quirico Amaro III for making too many trips abroad.
MARINA is an attached agency of the Department of Transportation and is mandated to "adopt and implement a practicable and coordinated Maritime Industry Development Program." Thee authority also supervises and regulates the organizational management, ownership, and operations of all water transport utilities and other maritime enterprises.
Roque said that Duterte ordered an investigation into Amaro after MARINA employees complained that the agency head took 11 foreign trips in 2017.
He said that Department of Transportation records showed Amaro went on six trips in 2016 and 18 trips in 2017.
Amaro's firing comes less than a month after Presidential Commission on Urban Poor chairman Terry Ridon and his fellow commissioners were terminated for going on junkets and for not meeting regularly. 
Ridon has said the seven trips abroad he were approved by government and were part of his job.
"And if seven foreign travel[s were] deemed excessive by the president, 24 travels [are] definitely excessive by the president's standards," Roque said.
The Presidential spokesperson also stressed that the latest firing is indicative of Duterte's resolve to eradicate corruption in government.
"They should live a modest life, that they should be true to their calling, and that they should avoid unnecessary trips," he said.
Under the guidelines, foreign trips will only be allowed if: 
  • the purpose of the trip is strictly within the mandate of the requesting government official or personnel
  • the projected expenses for the trip are not excessive
  • and the trip is expected to bring substantial benefit to the country

Friday, December 29, 2017

Jeepney Modernization Program not antipoor

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Under the program, jeepneys that are 15 years and older will be replaced by electric-powered or Euro 4 compliant vehicles. File
MANILA, Philippines — The modernization program for public utility vehicles, which starts next week, is not anti-poor as it guarantees profitability for the jeepney industry, Malacañang said yesterday.
“The Palace clarifies that the public utility vehicle modernization program of the Duterte administration is not anti-poor, contrary to the claims of some transport groups,” presidential spokesman Harry Roque said in a statement.
“We assure Filipino jeepney drivers that this initiative of the government to improve our public transport sector will not put them out of business,” Roque said.

“It was not designed to phase out jeepneys. In fact, the program aims to strengthen and guarantee the profitability of the jeepney business,” he added.
Under the program, jeepneys that are 15 years and older will be replaced by electric-powered or Euro 4 compliant vehicles.
The three-year phase out of old and dilapidated jeepneys will start next week, according to the transportation department.
Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1
A motor vehicle inspection system will be activated to determine the age and roadworthiness of jeepneys.
Officials said the program would improve the country’s transport system as well as reduce harmful emissions.
Transport groups Stop and Go Coalition and the Pinagkaisang Samahan ng Tsuper at Operator Nationwide are opposed to the total phase out of old jeepneys, saying it would pose additional burden to drivers and operators.
Roque said the government is addressing the concerns of transport workers by offering financing schemes that will allow them to buy new jeepney units.
These include the Development Bank of the Philippines’ Support Alternative Driving Approaches (Pasada) program and the Landbank of the Philippines’ Special Environment-Friendly and Efficiently Driven Jeepney Program.
He said the finance department is offering a five percent equity, six percent interest rate and a repayment period of as long as seven years on top of the P80,000 subsidy per unit to cover the equity payment.
“In addition, there is zero or low maintenance cost of new units in the first three years, which translates to savings,” Roque said.
President Duterte has vowed to implement the transport modernization program in the first week of the coming year, even threatening to tow non-compliant vehicles.

Take it easy

But Sen. Grace Poe said the Department of Transportation (DOTr) should go slow on imposing the jeepney phase out as there might not be enough replacements yet for those that would be taken off the road.
Besides, she said, the standards for new units were still being worked out.
Poe, chair of the Senate committee on public services, noted that Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade himself had admitted at a recent public hearing that a phase out could not be accomplished overnight.
“Secretary Tugade said that for as long as the old jeeps pass the safety and emission standards, they can continue to operate within the three-year period of the phase out. Best to get the comments of Sec. Tugade himself if his pronouncements have changed,” Poe said.
The senator clarified that she is not against the modernization of the jeepneys, which she said “is long overdue.”
“But even if we wanted to implement this immediately, realistically, it cannot be done. DOTr itself does not have its act together when it comes to timetables, regulations and guidelines for the implementation,” Poe said.
According to the DOTr, the government would provide a subsidy of P30,000 for each of the jeepney owners to help finance their purchase of the new vehicles.
An initial P2 billion would be provided in the 2018 General Appropriations Act for this purpose, an amount which Poe noted is not even close to what is actually needed for the rollout of the modernization program.
“Besides, if they will give every jeepney driver 30K, the two billion allocation they have for 2018 is far from the P300 billion it will take to roll out the program,” Poe said.
“They need to coordinate and get their act together. The numbers will speak for itself,” she added.
Poe pointed out that the actual total cost of the program is P417 billion. – Marvin Sy

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