You plan to move to the Philippines? Wollen Sie auf den Philippinen leben?

There are REALLY TONS of websites telling us how, why, maybe why not and when you'll be able to move to the Philippines. I only love to tell and explain some things "between the lines". Enjoy reading, be informed, have fun and be entertained too!

Ja, es gibt tonnenweise Webseiten, die Ihnen sagen wie, warum, vielleicht warum nicht und wann Sie am besten auf die Philippinen auswandern könnten. Ich möchte Ihnen in Zukunft "zwischen den Zeilen" einige zusätzlichen Dinge berichten und erzählen. Viel Spass beim Lesen und Gute Unterhaltung!

German Language in Davao City! Deutsche Sprache in Davao City!

Sie müssen auf den Philippinen DEUTSCH lernen? You have to learn the German language in the Philippines? You are a nurse? Sie sind eine Krankenschwester/ein Krankenpfleger? Sie wohnen in Davao oder irgendwo in Mindanao oder sonst wo auf den Philippinen? Do you reside in Davao City or somewhere else in Mindanao or the Philippines?

Hier und nur hier können Sie am besten sehr gut Deutsch lernen. Mein Deutschkurs als Professor zusammen mit 2 weiteren "native speakers" am Institute of Languages (Fremdspracheninstitut) an der University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao besteht bereits nunmehr mehr als elf
Jahren und bietet die fundierte Ausbildung, die benötigt wird, um das A1/A2 - aber auch die B1 und B2- Examen beim Goethe Institut in Manila bestehen zu können. Das Goethe Institut Manila und USEP haben bereits vor 11 Jahren ein Memorandum of Understanding zur Förderung der deutschen Sprache und Kultur unterzeichnet. Alle Kurs-Teilnehmer erhalten ein Universitäts-Zertifikat mit Abschlußnote. Dies ist wichtig für eine spätere Visaerteilung!
- My German Language Course together with 2 more native German speakers at the University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao City (International Institute of Languages and Creative Arts) as Professor (since more then eleven
years now!) provides you with the requested education. You will be able to pass the A1/A2-exam (or even the B1/B2 exam at the Goethe Institute in Manila). Eleven years ago, the Goethe Institute and USEP signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding German language and cultural support. Language Course Students will be receiving an university certificate with average grade at the end of the course. This certification is important for a visa application for Germany!
Rufen Sie JETZT an: DAVAO 082 - 227 1761. Please call DAVAO 082 - 227 1761. ODER/OR 0915 - 2199002.

GERMAN LANGUAGE COURSES A1 and A2: 120 hours with the following schedule: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 till 11:30 AM. Limited 15 seats only! Present course is already ongoing. New course will be starting NOVEMBER 25, 2019.

Deutsche Sprache-Kurse A1 und A2: 120 Unterrichtsstunden: montags, dienstags und mittwochs und donnerstags von 9:30 bis 11:30 Uhr. Begrenztes Platzangebot: nur 15 Teilnehmer! Der neue Kurs hat am 29. Juli 2019 beginnen. Neuer A1/A2 Kurs wird am 25. November 2019 beginnen.


Deutsch lernen in Davao City! Learn the German Language in Davao City!

Deutsch lernen in Davao City! Learn the German Language in Davao City!

Saturday, October 12, 2019


My column in Mindanao Daily, BusinessWeek Mindanao and Cagayan de Oro Times

Our globe and its population bear innumerable strange facts. Following many people's opinion, this world shows mostly worried characteristics and symptoms nowadays. No wonder. Just try to consume and digest today's headlines and news from all around the globe. Yes, I'm experiencing very strange feelings while watching and reading the daily news.

On the other hand: It is a world with quickly bridged distances -  our Mother earth is becoming smaller and smaller. Any tourist, even with little time and with only a small budget, can travel to other faraway cultures. But joining them as well as different races and religious communities requires first of all, great care, tact, instinctive feelings, empathy, and logical ideas.

The stranger whom we meet for the first time during a business meeting, for example, maybe an uncommon, odd and extraordinary guy. He may be someone from a foreign country, who speaks another language and whose skin is of another color. He may be a migrant, a restless hiker or the expatriate in our neighborhood.

The foreigner beside you and me can become a provocation or a challenge. Strangeness can become exoticism. Maybe, that's why my family and I decided to move to the Philippines. On the other hand - going abroad can open other and even better horizons. We must not feel as "a stranger in paradise". By the way, I never did!

However, a migrant bears a juxtaposition of optimism (even calculated optimism!), confused feelings, nostalgia, and homesickness. Yes guys, during the first  years of my expat's life here in the Philippines, the round trip ticket was always in my mind, because no one among us can escape his native roots.

But, I am really a lucky guy. I experienced an amazing tolerance in the Philippines. A real practicing tolerance. Until  now! Already, during my first business meetings, I met supportive, forbearing and  broad minded people. A wonderful mix of different cultures without giving up own identities... .

The following quotation remains always in my mind: "I have nothing to offer but blood, sweat and tears!" - The British statesman and former Prime Minister Sir Winston L. Churchill (1874-1965) said this in 1940 - certainly, in a sad interrelation during World War II. Anyway, I like that remark. Blood, sweat and tears. Because of new challenges and changes - also as an expatriate in the Philippines doing business here.

Every new challenge in a strange country means a change. Changes in life are necessary and important. Let's alter or make a difference; let's put one thing for another; let's shift; let's quit one state for another; let's take fresh clothing. Let's burn the "lock fat" away. Blood, sweat and tears - and remember: nothing comes from anything.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Another Bayanihan school in Comval opens

By Fe F Maestre

Pantukan, Compostela Valley – Grade 8 student, Jerry Kim Baltazar, goes to school everyday at 6 in the morning to walk about an hour and a half just tokan reach the nearest school in Sitio Sapanglubog, Barangay Tibagon in Pantukan. 
Used to be made of a makeshift tent, the 18-year old student has the more reason to be excited in the morning of October 9, 2019 as this will be the first time they will have their classes inside the newly-built 1 unit-3 classroom building in the said sitio.
“Ok ra magbaktas kog layo, ang importante makahuman ko kay gusto ko mag-maestro ug makatabang nila ma’m puhon diri,” he said, referring to the only 4 teachers assigned in the area.    

Named the Gintong Pag-asa Integrated School, the school was built through Bayanihan sa Paaralan (BSP) initiated by the provincial government of Compostela Valley in partnership with the local governments, national agencies and private partners. The scheme  follows the bayanihan way and the whole of nation approach as a peace-building initiative as it reaches geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDA) and conflict-affected areas (CAA) in the province.
We want to see to it that the farthest communities will not be left behind, they deserve our attention more. Kadtong lisod ang dalan, kadtong wala pa naabot sa serbisyo sa gobyerno ang dapat tutukan. Wala’y lisod nga problema basta magtinabangay,” said Gov. Tyron Uy.
Also joining the turn-over ceremony were Pantukan Mayor Roberto Yugo,  Ltc Esteveyn E. Ducusin of 71st IB, Cong. Ruwel Peter Gonzaga,  DepEd SDS Dr. Reynante Solitario,  and other local officials.

The school has a total of 55 Kinder to Grade 8 students according to Mellisa Quirol, Teacher in-charge. “Nagsugod mi ug tudlo diri paghunong gyud sa Salupungan aron dili madelatar ang pag-eskuwela sa mga bata. Katong makeshift pa lang among school, naglisud jud mi kay guut kaayo mao nga lipay kaayo mi nga dali kaayo nahuman ug conducive kaayo ang maong eskuwelahan,”  Quirol said.
This is the 3rd series of newly-built schools that was turned over under the Bayanihan sa Paaralan project with the construction finished in just several weeks. Particularly, a 1 unit-2 classroom building each was turned over on October 3 in Purok 3, Brgy. Panansalan in Compostela and another on October 4 in Sitio Bongloy, Brgy. Pagsabangan, New Bataan.
At the end of this week, another 1 unit-2 classroom building will soon be turned over on October 12 at Side 4, Brgy. Mangayon in Compostela.  These four school sites kicked off the build just on September 20, 2019.
While the last school to be turned over will happen on October 13 at the remote Sitio Danawan, Brgy. Manurigao in New Bataan with its kick-off ceremony held just last September 29, 2019.
What’s more, aside from the classroom buildings, a teachers’ cottage to house the teachers who will be staying for the whole week due to distance, a Kusina ng Kalinga kitchen, and a Gulayan sa Paaralan vegetable garden were also put up as component to the Bayanihan sa Paaralan project.   
The BSP school sites were led by management teams from the different offices of the provincial government and partnered with Municipal and barangay LGUs, Department of Education and other national agencies, and other private partners.  The Provincial Agriculturists Office, Prov’l Veterinary Office, Prov’l Assessor’s Office, Prov’l Engineering Office, Comval Provincial Hospital-Pantukan, MLGU Pantukan, MLGU Mabini, DepEd Pantukan District, BLGU Tibagon, and 2nd Dist. Congressional Office managed the said school build in the area. (fe maestre/ id comval)

Comval Governor Jayvee Tyron L. Uy together with Congressman Ruwel Peter Gonzaga, Pantukan Mayor Roberto M. Yugo and OIC-Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Reynante A. Solitario led the turnover  of the newly-built 1 unit-3 classroom building in Sitio Sapanglubog, Barangay Tibagon in Pantukan, Comval on October 9, 2019. (Photo by:M. Lasaca, ID Comval)

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


"You are like salt for the whole human race" (Matthew 5, 13).
JUST being back from Manila staying in my office. I found some old clippings from my late grandmother (born 1899!). She taught me many things regarding daily life. I really admired her and didn't care to travel hundreds of miles to her house located in the former East Germany - just to spend a few hours there. The wall and border which divided Germany into two, aggravated such journeys many times. Maybe, I just remember that time, because I happily joined the great celebration of 29 years Germany's unity being in Manila for some days.
That's what I kept in heart and mind from my grandmother. There are innumerable thoughts how to convent bible sayings into reality.
Salt of the earth: People during various activities and occupations. "Black" and "white" meet each other, shake hands, smile... . And old woman selling vegetables in the market. She looks tired but her features still show hope and peace... . Young people, walking through a shopping mall - laughing, joking, being happy... . Fishermen at the shore doing their work in sorting nets... .
Salt on earth: Many things can be like that. Not only during mass service in the church. Not only by preaching. Also these touching hands of my distressed friend, listening to my lonely neighbor; remembering someone and writing him or her a letter or an email. I join others by helping, working, laughing, playing, singing. I listen to love's melody.
Salt of the  earth: Christian life doesn't always mean possessions or property. Christian life is doing something, it's collecting one's thoughts. It's giving and receiving. It's a hug or a smile or comforting talk. Christian life means having as Christian acting people in my surroundings.
Salt on earth: Of course, as we all know: too much salt is also dangerous to our health. But if we plan to live without any salt, we might fail to survive also. Do you know, that wars have been waged and nations have been extinguished because of salt. Salt is more than a simple stabilizer.
Before the refrigerator was invented, salt was a miracle of daily life. Salt made foodstuff keep well. So, let's think about it: if we are part of earth's salt, who are we? Do we bring rottenness or do we preserve and keep well our surroundings?
We should be salt on earth as in  cleaning, helping and healing, but not salt, that brings caustic, corroding and mordant poison in other's life.
Salt on earth without being dumb, mute, silent, stale, and incompetent!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

A day in the life of Maya

(Comval’s “Bayanihan sa Paaralan” program makes way in one of the remote villages in New Bataan)

By Fe F Maestre
Compostela Valley Province-- Maya, an 8-year old girl sat beside her father. Her attention was focused on the man speaking before a crowd then wandered to other officials sitting on the stage. Her attention was cut off when an army gave her a lollipop and some candies, she shyly accepted upon her mother’s prodding. She unwrapped the candy and gingerly popped it in her mouth, as if savoring its sweetness, her eyes lit up.

Maya is among the estimated 40 children living in the remote area of Sitio Danawan, Barangay Manurigao in New Bataan.  With Manurigao identified as a geographically isolated and disadvantaged area (GIDA) in the province, the sitio is the farthest of the said barangay already bordering Davao Oriental Province. It has about 28 families with an estimated population of 144 Mandaya community who subsists mainly on farming such as corn, camote and abaca.
Reaching Danawan is not an easy feat. One has to walk 9 kilometers to reach Sitio Biyangunan where single motorcycles for hire will transport you to the town center in New Bataan for P1,000 per head, one way.      
Mga 3-4 hours gyud ang baktas gikan diri padulong sa Biyangunan, pagsakay pud ug motor padulong New Bataan mudagan pud ug minimum nga 4 ka oras, lisud gyud kayo ang dalan,” (One has to walk 3-4 hrs going to Biiyangunan. From there, it’s another 4-hour ride via single motor for a minimum of 4 hours travel), said James Balingan, SK Chairperson of Brgy Manurigao.

Bayanihan kick-off
On September 29, 2019,  the provincial government led the peace-building initiative where a kick-off ceremony was held for the “Bayanihan sa Paaralan” program for the construction of a 1-unit, 2 classroom building.  The program was attended by Ltc. Roman Mabborang, 66th IB Battalion Commander Mayor Geraldford Balbin, Board Member Raul Timogtimog representing Gov. Tyron Uy, and DepEd Comval Ruben Reponte, along with other provincial and local officials.    
Due to the remoteness and difficulty in hauling the materials, the Bayanihan build in Sitio Danawan took a week before it commenced construction. While the rest of the other 4 school sites in the identified GIDAs and conflict-affected areas (CAA) kicked off the build simultaneously on September 20, 2019. These are Side 4, Brgy. Mangayon, and P-3, Brgy. Panansalan, both in Compostela; P-3, Brgy Pagsabangan in New Bataan; and Sitio Sapanglubog, Brgy. Tibagon in Pantukan.

In each of these sites, the different offices of the provincial government take the lead in the management of the bayanihan build. They are partnered with the municipal and barangay LGUs, Department of Education-Comval, the Philippine Army, private partners, among others.

“Bringing government closer to the people”

Such was the awe of Maya and probably even to the rest of the community. With this, it is an uncommon sight to see new faces, witness the program and even watch movies projected on wide screen at night.  Much more, witness helicopters landing and taking off in their area. 

But for Dante Agimlod, nothing compares to the sight of the 2 doctors who also flew in during the opening. It was his first time to get a medical check-up.  “Wala ko naka pa-check up tungod sa kalayo sa among lugar. Daku gyud ang among pagpasalamat nga nakaabut mo dinhi. Gihatagan na sad kog libreng tambal,” (I couldn’t have a medical check-up because of the remoteness of our place. I am thankful that the government reached out to us. I also received medicines.)    

Brgy. Kagawad Arturo Dagansan also appreciated the fact that the government spared no effort and spared no expense in reaching out to their far-flung community and put up the much needed classrooms. “Bisan sa kalayo sa among lugar, giagwanta ninyo. Kining proyekto, daku gyud kaayug gasto pero wala ninyo gipanumbaling tungod kay gilantaw ninyo ang kalisud diri sa among barangay.”
He also acknowledged the worker-builders and volunteers who braved the arduous travel and long walk as well as endured being far away from their families. “Gani nagkamang-kamang sila sa kalisud sa dalan, pero naa sila diri para lang matabangan mi sa pagtukod sa eskuwelahan.”  

Hopes for a brighter future
Situated on a higher ground, the community with its colored houses, courtesy from the government’s Pabahay program, looks picturesque amidst the vast mountain ranges surrounding it.  In the afternoon, the kids’ laughter echoed in the quiet surrounding while the youth played basketball and some into volleyball, their way of entertainment as the place has no electricity.
“Gusto na kaayo ko mu-eskuwela para mag-maestra nako pagdaku,” Maya, who has already shown a flair in volleyball, replied after being asked what she wanted to be when she grow up.
The following morning, Maya, whose timidity has lessened having warmed up to her since the other day, was there to send the team off on a chopper, a UH1 Huey military aircraft, back home.  She smiled, her eyes hopeful as she waved goodbye to the departing group, her mother protectively covering her from the strong wind that the chopper’s propeller has made. Her hands holding on to her mother, she continued to wave goodbye, her hair now in disarray, as the chopper continues to ascend and fly away.  
 (fe fuentes maestre/id comval)

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Department of Agriculture turns over 9.5 m facilities

DA turns over 9.5M agricultural facilities and other infrastructure projects to Maragusan Multi-purpose Cooperative

Compostela Valley Province---A total of 9.5Million pesos worth of agricultural facilities and infrastructure projects from the Department of Agriculture (DA) Regional Office XI and the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) was officially turned over to the officials, board of directors and members of the Maragusan Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MAMPCO) last October 2, 2019.

The ceremonial turn over was held at the MAMPCO Agricultural Complex, Purok Mangga, Poblacion, Maragusan, Comval.

The program is in partnership with the Provincial Agriculturist Office (PAGRO) of the provincial government of Comval and the Municipal Agriculturist Office (MAGRO) of the municipality of Maragusan.

Attending the program were DA Region-XI representative Engr. Rubelyn Gomez together with Ronald Sibayan Assistant Provincial Agriculturist, Hon. Vice Mayor Cesar C. Colina Sr., Engr. Nelson Ortiz Municipal Agriculturist of the municipality of Maragusan, officers and members of the MAMPCO, MAGRO officials and employees and the provincial and municipal employees.

According to Sibayan, the provincial government assisted in the selection and facilitation of the documents of the requesting beneficiaries.

He added that the project was implemented with the supervision of the PAGRO, MAGRO and the DA.

“Amounting to Php337,969.66 or 20% is coming from the PLGU Comval as counterpart for the construction of the tablea facility,” said Sibayan.

The Tablea Processing and Marketing Enterprise facility has a total amount of Php2,515,348.31 from the PRDP I-REAP of the DA with 20% counter parting of the provincial government of Comval.

Among the agricultural facilities and infrastructure projects from the DA were turned over are the Coffee roasting facility worth Php1,989,109.19; 2 units fermentary facilities - Php496,120.00; 2 units weather drier- Php566,777.17; 1 unit mobile flash dryer- Php2,998,000.00; 90HP Farm tractor- Php1,980,000.00; 1 unit plant nursery- Php497,020.00; 1 unit floating tiller- Php130,000.00 and 1 unit Cassava granulator amounting to Php129, 640.00.

According to Armando B. Escuadro MAMPCO General Manager, a total of 3,458 members of their coop will benefit of the projects.

He added that the actual members that can benefit for the tablea processing project are the 150 individuals or the Cacao farmers. “Amung purpose ani nga ma protektahan ang interest sa among mga farmers nga makavail sila ug taas nga presyo. Kay ang ilang produce amung e process, he said.

“Ang amuang objective nga ang ipagawas namu nga produkto sa amung coop is finish product na para pud madugangan namu ang buying price sa ilang abot ug makaavail na sa taas-taas nga presyo,” the manager added.

Meanwhile, Calixto Saromines a cacao farmer expressed his gratitude to the DA and the provincial government for the said project. “Nalipay kog dako nga naabot ni nga mga project dria kay dako kayo ni ug tabang sa amuang mga mag-uuma isip usa ka myembro sa kooperatiba. Kay daghan mi ug benipisyo nga madawat sa among pagbaligya sa among abot gawas nga dili name maglisod kung asa ibaligya naa pa gyud me madawat nga dividend,” he said.

“Inganyo ug challenge na kaayo me kay mao gyud ni amo gipaabot sukad-sukad sa dugay ng panahon. Dako kayo ni ug tabang nga moangat me sa among panginabuhian,” he added. #YEStoDavaoDeOro (Rey Antibo, ID Comval)

36 social entrepreneurs from the BARMM to show their products ...

... and services during the CSO-SEED BIR Demo Day

Cagayan De Oro, Philippines, 7thOctober, 2019:Villgro Philippines and the Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation, in partnership with the British Council and co-funded by the European Union, will be conducting a Demo Day and Social Enterprise Showcase on October 7th at the N Hotel in Cagayan de Oro. Key stakeholders from the ecosystem including the Government, financial institutions, international and local NGOs and private market partners, will be in attendance for a day of networking and panel discussions. The event is also an opportunity to see the progress of 36 social entrepreneurs from across the BARMM network showcase their products, ranging from agriculture, food, and fisheries to lending, trading, business services and weaving.  The showcase booths are open to public from 3:00pm to 5:30pm. 

This event is part of the Business and Investment Readiness Programme and is the final activity of the three-year long CSO-SEED Programme which aims to improve civil society participation in policy reforms and develop local incubators to cultivate an environment conducive to decent work, job creation and Small to Medium Enterprise development.

"The British Council in the Philippines works with partners such as Villgro and ASSIST to help strengthen the Philippines’ social enterprise sector and make it sustainable, particularly in conflict affected communities. We are aware of the huge potential of the sector and take pride in how our CSO SEED grantees have improved their governance structure and business model as a social enterprise. In this event, we are confident that our grantees will be able to demonstrate that they are prepared to broaden their markets across and beyond BARMM,” said Pilar Aramayo-Prudencio, Country Director, British Council in the Philippines.

Six social enterprise intermediaries were carefully selected to participate in the programme and successfully mentored the SEs: Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology, The Moropreneur Inc., Integrated Resource Development for Tri-People, Nagdilaab Foundation, Maranao People Development Center, and Concerned Alliance of Professionals and Students Inc.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the British Council and the European Union on the Business and Investment Readiness initiative, which is focussed on long-term sustainable change in one of the most vulnerable of the regions. The openness and thirst for knowledge of our partners on the ground is driving this programme.  I have personally been very impressed by the quality and success of the businesses located in some of the most remote parts of the country.  What they need is a tad bit of resources and access to markets to accelerate their growth,” said Priya Thachadi, CEO and Co-founder of Villgro Philippines.

Over the course of the programme, entrepreneurs received seed funding to support their ideas and had the opportunity to be mentored by their respective social enterprise intermediaries and various other mentors. The demo day is being organized to help social enterprise intermediaries (SEIs) and their respective social enterprises (SEs) network with key ecosystem stakeholders and support them in scaling their social impact in the BARMM.

About Villgro
Villgro is an early-stage social enterprise incubator and investor. Villgro funds and mentors’ innovative social enterprises that are building solutions to improve the lives of the poor. Through its intensive hands-on model, Villgro works closely with entrepreneurs at the early stages, helping them navigate the challenges of getting to market faster and cheaper.

Set up in 2001, Villgro has supported over 120 social enterprises in India, who have gone on to raise almost USD 20 million in follow on funding, created about 4000 jobs and impacted the lives of around 15 million people.

Villgro in the Philippines aims to create successful, innovative, impactful enterprises in the country. Their hands-on incubation model will provide funding, mentoring, knowledge and networks to early stage entrepreneurs, who are building innovative solutions to impact the lives of the poor. Their unique incubation model will help entrepreneurs strengthen their problem solution fit, validate business models and build and implement a strong go-to-market strategy that will be sustainable and impactful.

For more information contact:
Angelo Guingona Santiago
Program Manager, Villgro Philippines

President Fidel Ramos was chosen as the Lifetime Contributor Arwardee

Photo taken during celebration of Germany's National Day of Unity in New World Hotel in Makati City

Former President Fidel Ramos was chosen as the Lifetime Contributor awardee by the Board of Judges of Asia CEO Awards 2019.
Fidel Valdez Ramos was the 12th President of the Philippines and is widely regarded as one of the most effective leaders of the nation’s history.  His term of government was characterized by rapid economic progress and political stability despite dealing with communist insurgencies, Islamic separatists and the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.
FVR was educated at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and at the University of Illinois. He joined the Philippine army and served in Korea and Vietnam. He was appointed chief of the Philippine Constabulary in 1972 by President Marcos and responsible for enforcing martial law when it was imposed later that same year.
After the 1986 elections, Marcos claimed victory despite allegations of wide-spread fraud.  Ramos and defense minister Enrile supported Marcos’ opponent, Corazon Aquino. Their defection sparked the “People Power” movement that forced Marcos into exile. During Aquino’s presidency Ramos served as military chief of staff (1986–88) and secretary of national defense (1988–91).  He suppressed several military coup attempts against the government.
FVR was elected to succeed Aquino in 1992. He purged the national police force of corrupt officers and reached peace agreements with long-active guerrilla insurgencies.
He liberalized the Philippines’ protected economy to spur fast prosperity growth enabling the country to weather the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis that crippled other economies across the region.

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