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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cebu Classic Youth Orchestra Marks Debut Concert


By: Jaime Picornell, Philippine Daily Inquirer Cebu City
The Classical Orchestra Music Studio of Reynaldo Abellana launched the Classic Youth Orchestra (CYO) on May 29 at the Centerstage theater of SM Seaside City Cebu. All 800 seats of the theater were filled by a crowd that  kept streaming in, even between numbers.
Reynaldo Abellana himself conducted the evening’s program. It started with internationally acclaimed pianist Ingrid Sala Santamaria as soloist of Edvard Grieg’s “Piano Concerto in A Minor Opus 16.”
She looked very glamorous in candy pink and throughout the 29 minutes the concerto lasted remained well poised as she tinkled away on a Lyric baby grand piano. Since the theater has very good acoustics, every note from the piano, and the orchestra, rang out crystal-clear.
Ingrid was given a standing ovation and there were enthusiastic  cheers of “Bravo!” and “Great!” For her, and for Reynaldo.
In this debut concert everyone in the music studio was featured in the program. There were Little Fiddlers doing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” and the CYO Junior Ensemble delighted everyone with three minutes of Bach.
More delightful music came from the CYO as they played three lively compositions by Leroy Anderson—“The Syncopated Clock (which has witty lyrics),” “Fiddle Faddle” and “The Waltzing Cat,” complete with meowing. There was thunderous applause for the them from “Superman,”  and for an overture of Filipino favorite songs.
Baritone Kelie Go Co
Next in the spotlight was  baritone Kelie Go Co, who was accompanied by the full orchestra as he rendered  “Tonight” from “West Side Story,”  then “Granada” by the Mexican composer Agustin Lara.
The program concluded with the whole CYO and the Cebu Normal University Chorale, conducted by Darlene Yap, performing “Light of a Million Mornings” and “One Day More.” The audience demanded more and it was given.
Back on stage, Ingrid Santamaria gave the closing remarks. She recalled how the Salvador and Pilar Sala Foundation, which she headed, embarked on a music development program for young people in 1991.
The result was the Cebu Youth Symphony Orchestra, which in 2000, became the Peace Philharmonic. Reynaldo Abellana was among the young people who benefited from the program. What Ingrid and the Sala Foundation sowed 25 years ago has now come into full bloom.
CYO members
At the end of the evening everyone involved was called to the stage to take a well-deserved bow, as audiences clapped nonstop. Here are the members of the Classical Youth Orchestra:
Violin 1—Paul Gilbert Ramos (concertmaster), Bruce Albert Lim, Paean Banday, Al Gabrielle Valendez, Lord Lyrzand Padua, Patricia Ang, Kurt Dominic Yu, Jon Alexander Llenes, Nestor Valendez,  Cecile Angela Abellana (Ray and Geraldine’s daughter)
Violin 2—Nicole Yap (principal), Jan Russ Esmeralda, Nicole Villahermosa, Queen Riza Montayre, Haydn Marie Beltran, Sophia Colimbo, Mariz Trinidad, Sean Benedict Hong, Seung Hung Baik.
Viola—Arthur Yap (principal), Carlitos Adarna, Grant Lim, Joshua Bandala, Hans Theo Grado, Samantha Yap, Johanni Marie Beltran, Jag Lastimosa, Gabriel Julian,  Gimar Hontiveros
Cello—Jaque Mabalcon (principal), Doxa Banday, Reina Tigley, Mary Pauline Ramos, Kurh Daugdaug, Svelte Paragat Arfil Yongco, Stephanie Cabasan, Karol Josef Mabalcon, Samuel Colimbo,  Stephen Villarante.
Double bass—Deny Padua (principal), France Mabalcon,  Benedict Villarante.
Bassoon—Arthur Yap
Flute—James Vincent Natera (principal), Yoni Valendez, Yoolim Na, King Joshua Montayre,  Jan Rose Esmeralda.
Clarinet—Cartlle Mindalano
Trombone—Jann Rhoe Esmeralda
Percussion—Mariella Bugtai, and Louie Bugtai
Arthur John Dale Yap is the conductor of the CYO Junior Ensemble.
Part of the Junior Ensemble includes: Violin 1—Frances Ylaya, Keifer Ababon; Violin 2—Hubertson Egonia, Yjhurri Requiero,  Paula Ramos; Cello—Harlane Egonia;  Flute—Shelter Anne Hernando.
Among the Little Fiddlers are Gabriela and Savannah Llenes, Ana and Deanna Llenes, Annika Virtudazo and Nestor Valendez.
Guest musicians in this concert were: Trumpet—Warren Perez and Stephen Sable;  Trombone—Caroline Go and Masaaki Nagata; French horn—Jesus Sable and Umi Aoki; Violin—Jerone Nakila; Viola—Kazuo Eujara.
In the COMS faculty Reynaldo Abellana teaches violin and viola, while his wife Geraldine teaches flute and piccolo. Also in the faculty are the following:
Cello—Roger Ylaya; Double Bass—Jerome Rezaba; Bassoon/Guitar/Oboe—Christopher Tero; Cello—Jibbie Rose Arciga; Piano—John Manatad; Percussion—Simon Cereño; Trumpet—Ritzie Amaya; Trombone—Bjorn Gaviola.
On this occasion Ingrid invited to Cebu her dear friends Antonio Hila (who covers cultural events for
Inquirer), prominent banker Maurice Lim (in his first visit to Cebu) and Oskar de Hitta.
The opportunity to meet them came over Sunday brunch at the Cebu City Marriott Hotel. Ingrid took them on a tour of historic sites and Cebu landmarks, which they enjoyed very much.

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